How to Add User Linux With These Commands

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Linux it’s been few years that I used this operating system and I feel comfortable for my daily activity using linux beside that I’m a programmer.

Creating New User On Linux

But not for today because I have to make a new user for another things maybe this profile/user intended only when I do graphic design, yeah I wanna separated my workspace or environment as well.

I did research on some website and blog, I got very interesting tutorial to follow in order to get a new user on my lovely linux machine. Anyway, I use Debian and I don’t know for other linux distro so this article intended only for Debian users.

With useradd Command on Debian

The basic syntax of this command is as follow.

$ sudo useradd [options] username

Note ! this command requires superuser privileges so if you wanna make the command works properly, use sudo please.

When invoked, this command will create new user on your operating system, you can change the username to whatever value you want to give.

For example, here I want to add new user called hugger, so I have to do run this command below, if there’s no option it will use the default setting specified in the /etc/default/useradd.

By default, when you create new user on linux the HOME directory is not created, so you need to give -m option.

$ sudo useradd -m hugger

Setting Password For New User

To be able login as newly created user, you must to setting up first its password, to do this just run this command below.

$ sudo passwd [username]

Change username to the new user you add before.

New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: password updated successfully

As you can see above, now you are ready to go with that new user, just logout and switch to recently created user.

Thanks, and see ya.